Turning Coal Ash and Coal Ash Ponds Into Clean Energy

Upshots is an innovative leader in providing products and services to reduce the environmental risk of fossil fuel energy production.  Upshots has the only known solution that can do all of the following: 

  • Utilize All Coal Ash Forms - Unlike  other coal ash remediation solutions, Upshots is able to accept all forms of coal ash as feedstock for its seperation and encapsulation process to create beneficial reuse products.

  • Complete Elimination of Coal Ash -  
    • Remove all Heavy Metals associated with “toxicity” in coal ash and provide commercial applications for these metals
    • Converts toxic coal ash into clean Thermal Storage Media which can used in the production of on-demand electricity. Over 95 % of the “clean” coal ash can be used in this commercial beneficial manner. 
    • Converts toxic coal ash into clean burning fuel and its combustion residue has beneficial commercial value in numerous environmentally friendly products (100% beneficial reuse).

  • Harvest Rare Earth Elements - Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are extracted  from toxic coal ash during Upshots' process and utilized  in the production of over two-hundred high-tech commercial products. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Upshots process begins with the collection of coal ash accumulated over many years in large holding areas known as coal ash ponds and surface impoundments.  Coal ash ponds are hazardous to the environment and subject to heavy EPA regulations.  Utilities are actively seeking to identify new cost effective ways to safely dispose of this waste product. 

There are approximately 460 coal-fired power plants across the United States, producing an estimated 130 million tons of coal ash annually and billions of tons currently sitting in coal ash ponds.  Globally, it is estimated that the United States, comprises about 10% of all coal-fired power production, with many countries currently increasing coal generated energy production, despite international efforts to decrease fossil fuel combustion.  There is a nearly unlimited global supply of coal ash available for elimination and reuse. 

The most common alternative solution for the safe disposal of coal ash is through the production of concrete. Only certain types of coal ash can be used to make concrete, and only certain types of concrete (i.e. pozzolanic material) are manufactured when  utilizing coal ash.  The ability for Upshots to utilize all forms of coal ash in large volumes to deliver productive results is a more viable solution.

Recently implemented regulations in the United States require coal ash ponds to be properly sealed and then monitored indefinitely for leakage, resulting in significant near-term and recurring costs for utilities.  Upshots offers Utilties a permanent solution  for eliminating wet storage of coal ash at a much lower cost.

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