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Coal Ash Disposal

There are billions of tons of hazardous coal ash sitting in ponds across the United States and throughout the world.  Coal ash ponds create a serious environmental risk over time as the metals and other toxic materials found in coal ash leak into the ground and water supplies.  Upshots technology allows for the complete disposal and reuse of all forms of coal ash. 


Generating On-Demand Electricity

Coal ash and Coal Ash Ponds are transformed into “Thermal Storage Units (TSU)”. Coal ash can be chemically digested and repurposed into “clean” coal ash. The “clean” coal ash, which is environmentally benign can be utilized as thermal media which is identified as EVERGreen™ Thermal Media. EVERGreen™ Thermal Media is the source material used in creating a TSU. Traditional solar power can be used and/or waste heat from the boilers can be directed to the TSU for heat storage. The TSU can be utilized to produce hot water and steam in a heat exchanger. The steam powers a turbine that drives a generator. The generator produces on-demand electricity as needed…it’s that simple.




Clean Burning Fuel

Upshots mixes coal ash waste with a proprietary blend of raw materials, including mostly unwanted low-cost carbon rich waste products from other industries; this produces a clean burning pelletized engineered fuel product known as EVERGreen™ Fuel.  This engineered fuel product has physical and heating characteristics that are comparable to other fossil fuels with heating values similar to Anthracite coal but with substantially less flue gas emissions.  This allows EVERGreen™ Fuel to serve as a supplement and/or blended solid fuel to be utilized in traditional Tangential Boilers.  The hard and brittle nature of EVERGreen™ Fuel pellets makes them easy to crush and process for use in pulverized coal-boiler units.  Combustion of EVERGreen™ Fuel reduces carbon dioxide emissions up to 50% compared to traditional coal products on a pound for pound basis. Other environmental benefits provided by EVERGreen™ Fuel combustion include significant reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions, decreased nitrous oxide emissions, and lower ash emissions.  Upshots markets EVERGreen™ Fuel to both United States and international based power plant utilities as a method to reduce green house gas emissions and responsibly generate energy.

Agriculture Products

Using a different proprietary formula, Upshots can also produce both acidic and alkaline regenerative soils, or fertilizer products, as cleaned coal ash contains essential nutrients that promote soil growth.  These fertilizer products are manufactured using the same equipment and production flow as other Upshots products. These products are expected to be in high demand in the near future given the increased pressure on cultivating land due to soil deterioration and increasing global demand for food, especially in Third World Countries.  EGreen™ Soil meets this challenge head on by providing topsoil products that can be both acidic and alkaline in nature. Laced with organic matter which retains water and provides the nutrients needed by crops,  EGreen™ Soil is comparable to Loam Soil in performance and quality.

Engineered Durable Materials

When EVERGreen™ Fuel is combusted in the energy production process, the remaining earth oxides (e.g. silica, aluminum and iron dioxides) fuse into a newly engineered glass structure form that is easily recoverable from the other generated combustion waste products.  This recovered material, branded as EVERGreen™ Nuggets, has excellent high temperature properties with high thermal shock and thermal stress resistance due to its low thermal expansion, good strength, and interlocking grain structure.  These unique properties provide EVERGreen™ Nuggets  with many potential applications in the manufacturing of products in other industries, such as refractory materials, fiber optics, ceramics, engines, space craft (heat resistance materials) and electronics (Smart Phones, LED TVs, etc.).

Rare Earth Elements

Coal ash is partially comprised of various types of rare heavy and light metals generally referred to as rare earth elements, or REEs.  As a component of coal ash, REEs can be hazardous to the environment when leaked from coal ash ponds and into ground water supplies.  However, when extracted from coal ash, REEs are extremely valuable natural resources used in the production of advanced electronics and numerous other commercial applications, some of which are deemed critical to the national security interests of the U.S. Government.  The REEs extracted by Upshots will be in the form of EVERGreen™ Nuggets, which is a material containing 75% concentration level of REEs Oxides to be broken down further for higher purity.  REEs have significant global demand that exceeds supply and a market value that will generate a significant high margin revenue stream.