Utility Power Plants

Operators of coal-fired power plants throughout the world are facing challenges regarding storage and disposal of coal ash as the largest waste product of their operation.  In the United States specifically, recently implemented environmental regulations require all existing coal ash ponds to be properly sealed and to be monitored indefinitely for hazardous leakage, while also mandating that all future coal ash be encapsulated and stored dry above ground.  The costs to properly seal ash ponds are significant, as are the ongoing perpetual costs to comply with these regulations. Upshots offers these utilities, the only known permanent and complete solution, to address the coal ash hazard while creating a significant societal benefit.

We are currently engaging in discussions with the following Energy Utility Companies in the United States for the Year 2022

● Southern Company                                                    ● Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

● Duke Energy                                                                 ● American Electric Power (AEP)

● FirstEnergy                                                                    ● Dominion Energy

Government Entities

Wherever coal burning power plants operate or have operated in the past, local and national governments should collectively be interested in the environmental benefits of eliminating coal ash and creating a cleaner burning fuel.  Upshots targets relevant government entities on a global basis to adopt its solution from a regulatory perspective.

Direct Licensing Opportunities

Upshots offers flexible licensing options for its patented technology and processes to both operators of coal-fired power plants and/or interested public and private agencies​​​​​​​